Membership Benefits


The IPA is the largest and oldest worldwide fraternal police organization! Membership is open to ALL active and retired Law Enforcement Officers.

World Travel the IPA Way!

Membership will enhance your travels One of the many advantages of the IPA is the availability of expert assistance in foreign countries, often at a greatly reduced cost or sometimes, at no cost at all. Along with the foreign travel comes the opportunity to meet police officers in other countries, through which we can attain ideas which may enhance our own capabilities as law enforcement officers at home. We must all try to widen our horizons. Likewise, officers from foreign countries are enthusiastic in learning how we do things.

Immediate Benefits

Join the largest & oldest fraternal police organization in the world! New members receive a lapel pin, and an ID card. Each year upon paying annual dues a current ID card is issued. This ID is recognized world wide as an official membership identification. If kept inside ones U.S.A. passport, it usually earns a friendly smile when traveling, and sometimes more.

World Wide Police Contacts

Premium Global Law Enforcement Networking Every effort is made to put members who desire so in contact with members of the police profession in I.P.A. member countries which includes participating in an exchange vacation program, either individually or as a member of a party. In many cases the exchange may give you the opportunity to stay in the home of a police officer in the country selected, and during visits abroad, members will have the opportunity of studying methods of policing in other countries, which members are able to engage in professional police relations throughout the world.