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Region 11 News Flash

International Police Association Region 11

President’s Message By Bob Killen
Geez, the year is coming to an end (again-lol) and all the holidays are upon us. I wish all happy holidays. I really hope to see everyone at the November General meeting at Bru’s Room (Coconut Creek) on Nov. 18, 2015. Vittles at 6:45 pm while the meeting will start at 7:00 pm. November also brings us an important holiday, we sometimes forget becuase it is overlooked by Thanksgiving, Veterans Day which gives thanks for all those men and women who have served out Country in the military. I am asking all those Region 11 members who have been in the military to attend this meeting for special recognition and a gift of appreciation.

As you know, Tom Savoca, our website coordinator is also our newsletter editor and I’d like to thank Tom for stepping to the plate to take on this important task. The newsletter is a vital function for a region to get communication out to the membership and Tom is doing a great job. I receive many articles from the membership as well as other sources which I forward to Tom for the newsletter. In doing so, I have always as a policy as President review the contents before Tom even sends it out. I guess you may say a “stamp of approval.?” The last issued covered 4 months (as we missed an issue). In my haste to get the last newsletter out, I failed to review all the contents because of my immediate pending 5 week vacation to my new house in Georgia. In that haste, an article was in it that apparently offended a member(s). I take full responsibility for that. Apparently a member of the region being upset with the article, and rather than contacting me and or a board member decided it best to contact the National President (and board) of said article. I have always preached the need for the President to review newsletter articles and even argued this moot point with others as a necessity. I subsequently received a letter from the National President, reminding of the International and national By-laws about political, religious and racial matters (US Statute 1601.00 and International Article 18). The National President was completely right and I extend my apology for those offended. But it would have been nice for the Region 11 member to bring that to the attention of myself or a region board member in lieu of the Nationals. Once again I take full responsibility for the article in there; and I assure all that my future reviews will be more cognizant. I also encourage article to keep coming to me.

My new house (Georgia) is coming along great and the area has many retired police, I have met. Being back to work again and the days seem endless with work and details.

I like to also thank both Bob Hurley and Dirk Lowry for their fine work and dedication filling in voids left by 2 open VP positions. Yes, anyone want to volunteer for a VP position, we most welcome the support. Bob is also the Treasurer besides being the region Secretary. Money issues will majority of the time go through him. Only joint position in the IPA is Secretary-Treasurer. While Dirk has really been busy with so many visitor requests. Much thanks to you both. And in speaking about visitors, I will once again be coordinating Internships for the region from visiting police officers. Starting next year I have 5 different requests for Internships in the south Florida area (all from Germany) and looking for some assistance in the following areas: Lodging for them; any member who can assist in the internships by providing other departments besides what I deal with; social functions. All the recruits are policemen and speak English. Their periods of internships will be anywhere between 2-3 weeks depending on their requests. They have all been cleared by the Germany IPA Section. HELP.

The region is also looking for ideas for social events as past were not the most successful (Panthers Night and Holiday Picnic). Because of the Internships I promised the German Section, I have changed my retirement date from March 10 to April 01, 2016 to help with this. My department, the Miami Gardens Police is moving into a new police building that has been on-going now for 5 years. Because of the transition and moving, MGPD is unable to provide tours until the department has settled in. The new address is 18611 NW 27th Ave., Miami Gardens (for anyone interested).

In this newsletter I have posted the new National Officers that will take office at the NDC in early November in the new Region 64 (San Antonio). I will be in Chicago attending my 50 school anniversary (High School) (wow). The WC in Cyprus is in October and when I receive the results of the new PEB board I will post in the next issue as well as the result of the NDC proposed By-laws. Region 43(Miami) is holding our proxy at the NDC. Any questions, concerns feel free to contact me and/or any region board member. Contact myself and/or Bob Hurley with any information of a member in sickness/distress. Also as per the new By law passed last year all dues must be paid by January 1, of the new year. Visit the Region website and the USA Section website for additional information

elected at the recent WC (World Congress) in Cyprus
Pierre-Martin Moulin   (Switzerland)
Vice President:
Gal Sharon  (Israel)
Secretary General:
Georgios Katsaropoulos
Chairman External Relationship Commission:
Alecsei Gankin  (Russia)
Chairman International Professional Commission
May-Britt Rinaldo  (Sweden)
Romain Miny  (Luxembourg)
Treasurer Social
Wolfgang Gabrutsch  (Austria)
Head Administration
Stephen Crockard  (United Kingdom)


Veteran’s Day

In November brings us Veteran’s Day…..   The difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day…. First Memorial is May and an older holiday.

According to the US Department of Veterans Affairs, Memorial Day began as Decoration Day in 1868 just 3 years after the Civil War ended. An organization of Union veterans wanted to set aside a day to decorate the graves of the military deceased with flowers.

After massive casualties of WW1, however the holiday was extended to honor all military members who died in American wars.

Interestingly, WW1 is also where the story of Veterans Day begins.  It began as “Armistice Day”  Armistice Day continued to be celebrated.   WW2 required a larger mobilization of military forces involving tens of millions of American Volunteers and draftees.  After WW2 ended the 83rd Congress changes it from Armistice to Veterans Day and forever incorporating any person who serves or has served in the US military.

Thus Veterans Day commemorates all servicemen and women of American wars and Memorial Day honors fallen military members  of all American wars.

Let’s honor all those that have served our Country on this special day in November. I f you see one in uniform, why not say, “thankyou.”  Or “salute.”  They will know what you are referring to.

FRS Members (information provided by BSO retiree association)

Recently, several questions were brought to our attention regarding the FRS COLA which is received during July each year.  We realize that some members are receiving their benefits under the city which merged with BSO, but all members will be receiving this email.
President John Lawless contacted Elizabeth Parker, Employee Benefits, and below is the portion of the changes made in June 2011 regarding the COLA:

June 2011

Dear FRS Pension Plan Member:

The 2011 Legislature passed Senate Bill 2100 that made changes to the Florida Retirement System.

* If your effective retirement date or DROP begin date is before August 1, 2011, you will not have a change in the 3% COLA paid each July.

* If you have an effective retirement date or DROP begin date on or after August 1, 2011, you will have an individually calculated COLA that is a reduction from 3% using the following formula:

The total years of service before July 1, 2011, divided by the total years of service at retirement. Multiply this number by 3% to get your COLA.

For example: a member who retires effective July 1, 2012, with 30 years of service of which 29 years occurred before July 1, 2011:

29/30 = .9667 X 3% = 2.9%.

This member will receive a 2.9% COLA each July.


Recently someone was found selling fake IPA ID’s online at ebay. They were sold out of Aurora, Illinois for $25.00. and included your name and photo.  If seen let the National Board know.

As you may know, if you go to google maps and look up your address, there will be a picture of your house (unless you are a PO Box).  You have the right to have this picture blocked out.  It is a simple process.  Go to Google Maps, search your home address street view, click on the bottom right  “second feedback” and follow the instructions and usually within a couple days they block it.

2015 Membership Drive Ends.  The free USA membership drive that began January 1, 2015 has now ended. It ended September 30, 2015  The new members that took advantage of the program reached 1,139

Region 11 is expecting a large number of interns between February 1, 2016 and April 1, 2016 and any member that can assist in lodging would be appreciated. At this time they are all from Germany.  Their stay will be anywhere from 2-3 weeks.  And of course any member that is still working that can assist with their department is also appreciated.

There is a new house in Ireland for visiting IPA members (Clonard Village; Wexford County). David McEllin (contact) 071 9145048

Click for the IPA Cook Book

NDC Conference
The NDC conference is scheduled for the newly Region (64) in San Antonio, Texas in early November where the proposed By-Laws will be voted on by the delegates. Region 11 (us) sent a proxy with our votes. The results of the By-Laws will be posted in the next newsletter (Jan/Feb 2016) Also this is the year for elections for the National Board. All the candidates ran un-opposed, so their will be no voting

The New national Officers for 2016 will be:
President: Kevin Gordon
1st VP Calvin Chow
2nd VP Tom Powrie
3rd VP Joe Johnson
Treasurer: Linda O’Connor
Sec General Ellwood Cushman

Out Going: (last 3 yrs)
President: Kevin Gordon
1st VP Calvin Chow
2nd VP Cory Friedman
3rd VP Joe Johnson
Sec General Rich Nevarez
Treasurer: Viola Powrie

Officers are elected for 3 year terms as likewise for Region Officers Region 11 Elections will be November 2016. And anyone interested can do so in any of the offices. In the meanwhile anyone that like to fill in a left vacancy for one the open VP’s kindly contact me for the remaining year.

Discussion: The bullets below are simply reminders and food for thought.

You have been a Law Enforcement Officer for a number of years now and feel very confident in your abilities to protect yourself and your family from danger. You are aware of the increase of threats towards Law Enforcement and Military members and based on your knowledge and skills you are in your mind, prepared for anything that comes your way.

You feel you have taken the necessary precautions to protect you and your family while on and off duty, or… have you?

Review the following topics to better evaluate your awareness:

· Removal of PBA/FOP stickers from your vehicles including family members
· Not wearing any “police type” attire off-duty, including family members
· Scrubbing social media sites such as Facebook, be cautious about what is placed online
· Follow departmental policy regarding personal security measures including off-duty outings
· Having your radio, identification, weapon and equipment available when handling emergency situations off- duty
· Routinely monitor personal online information, and be aware that all information stored online has the potential to be used for malicious purposes
· Proper weapon searches of arrestees/detainees, including a second search when receiving them from another officer
· Providing the proper “Back-Up Officer” safety tactics, not only on the target subject but on your surroundings as well
· Wearing your properly fitted body armor
· Having your authorized equipment available and in good working condition
· Having a plan ready to counter an attack, a subject running off or think of something unusual that could happen as it usually does
· Know the area you are working and avoid relying on GPS
· Wearing your seat belt and watching your speeds
· Arriving to work focused and prepared
· Maintaining a good level of physical fitness

Subject: Dry fire shooting to improve shooting skills

*** Please look at Learning Point # 4 below before performing the drills. ***

Objectives After watching this video, the viewer will learn a drill they can use to improve their shooting skills by developing effective trigger-pull control.

Learning Points
1. Regularly doing this drill will improve trigger pull
2. Look for a blank area so you can see if there is any sight movement
3. First step is to visually and physically inspect your gun
4. After assuring gun is empty and safe:
a. Move to an arm’s distance away from your chosen “target”
b. Bring firearm up to target
c. Place barrel half an inch from the target
5. Things to look for: a. No shudder b. A trigger press, with no influence by any other fingers c. Smooth pressure throughout the pull d. Ability to take up slack smoothly 6. Do a sequence of 5, then rest and do another sequence, working up to 3-4 sequences a couple of times per week. 7. Doing the drill with regularity will assist in learning where the trigger breaks on your gun 8. Advantages of this drill are the ability to self-diagnose and gain skill improvement without having to be on the range.

Officers Killed in the line of Duty

Good morning! As of this writing there has been (72) officers killed in the line of duty. (19) of them have lost their lives due to gunfire. (30% decrease from this time last year) (31) have lost their lives due to auto-related incidents. (7% increase from this time last year) (22) have lost their lives as a result of other factors. (8% decrease from this time last year) Let us learn from these tragedy’s to ensure that our goal of going home each and every day is met. Wear your vest, refresh your tactics, back each other up, and most importantly watch the hands! Let us not forget these Warriors that have paid the ultimate sacrifice! Stay safe!
Another FOP perk… Dolphin Football game

Hello everyone,

As of the October 8 lodge meeting we still have plenty of spots available for this years football game.

The game is November 22, 2015 at 1pm. Miami Dolphins vs Dallas Cowboys.

We will be taking a 50 passenger bus down to Dolphin Stadium the morning of the game, a meeting time will be set by the November meeting.

Food and drinks will be provided for the trip, but not during the game.

The cost for the event (bus ride, food, drink, ticket) for guests of members is $100 per guest, but members can attend for free.  Your dues must be current

in order to attend the game free.  If you commit to attend and at the last minute you are unable to attend and, your ticket cannot be sold, you will be responsible for the cost of the ticket ($100.00).

Please email me at with your interest for the game, tickets will be sold on a first come first serve basis.

Any other questions or suggestions please contact Nick Guerin.

NOVEMBER: Irwin Aronofsky; Michael Brunson; Yoset Betancourt; Antonio Cucchiaro; Arnold Dansky; Arthur Dermeritt; Cynthia Doyle; Shawnee Fross; Bob Hurley (santa); Mike Malone; Eduardo Martinez; Michael McGrath; Gordon Nash; Nelson Perez; Tomas Sanchez; Tom Savoca; Edwin Tapanes; Sheneka Williams;

DECEMBER: Paul Stodiko; Joseph Schaefer; Ronald Mesaros; Karin Montejo; Joseph Nargiso; Peter Ehrlich; Joseph Gallagher; Shirley Garrison; Thomas Chambers; Terrance Barmore; Marcel Beaumont. My apologies if you have a birthday in the above months and ur name is not listed. Kindly send ur birthday to the Region Secretary, Bob Hurley at: nyy789@yahoo.con to be added to the list

Little blue strips are popping up all across the nation on curbs along many streets, but this is no coincidence. You see, there’s actually a purpose behind these lines. The reason is just so incredible, you may find one appearing right in front of your own home.

It’s called “The Safe Harbor Initiative,” and it’s been kicked off by a man named Anthony Welichko out of San Antonio, Texas. So, what exactly are these little blue lines? Well, as Welichko explains in his

Facebook post:

To all law enforcement who see this line, know that the residents of this home appreciate your service and dedication to keeping the peace. Know that when you enter the neighborhood and see these lines that you are not alone or without “back-up.”

That’s right, these little blue strips along the curb are a show of solidarity that our citizens have with police. Specifically meaning that the people who live in the home directly in front of the mark on the curb have the officers’ backs, it’s a great way to show your support.

However, the blue lines aren’t meant for just police, as its purpose is two-fold. “We do not need the media to make our voices of support for our police and emergency services heard (though it would be nice),” Welichko went on to say. “Lastly, if you are in my neighborhood and mean to harm a member of law enforcement, know that decision may be hazardous to your health as someone has that officers back!”

It’s honestly quite a shame that our nation has devolved to the point where many have turned their backs on those who voluntarily risk their lives to serve and protect our communities. However, it’s becoming quite clear that many people here in America couldn’t feel any more differently and have began to show signs of support to let police know that people still do care and respect them.

For that reason, I may just be headed out to the curb this afternoon with some tape and can of blue spray paint. What do you think – do you see yourself taking place in The Safe Harbor Initiative?

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