Jan 052016

Region 11 News Flash

International Police Association Region 11

President’s Message

By Bob Killen

I hope everyone had a great end of the year holiday, as we move into 2016. As many of you know that we now have a 2nd and 3rd VP that have come aboard until the elections in November 2016.  Also as per new by-law the IPA dues are NOW $30.00 per year; therefore all renewals are now $30.00.  This was voted on by the delegates in San Antonio.

I have forwarded the delinquent notices of Region 11 to all the new Board, with the 2nd VP having the responsibility for the follow-up.  The 3rd VP has the responsibility of coordinating 2016 social events.  I received a shocking notice from the National President:  There are 4 regions that do not have enough members to continue as a region. And there are 3 regions that just have enough for a region (25 members).  But more shockingly is there are 4 regions where the President did not renew. As you know a previous by-law stated that there is no grace period and dues are due on January 1 of the year.  This means that the President of the region that didn’t renew forfeits his/hers office and the 1st VP moves up to President    As per  605.00  &  1303.00.

What that means that if your dues are not paid, your no longer a member in good standing and not elgible for the perks and benefits of the IPA.  If you haven’t paid your 2016 dues kindly do so immediately either to Region 11 Secretary/Treasurer or do so online to the Nationals.

There is a Region 11 Board meeting in the near very future to discuss ideas and direction for 2016. Now that we are full staff I hope to get more things done this year. And any member that has any ideas and or input, the board is more than happy to entertain your ideas.  We serve you.

I could say that early-mid February through April 1, the Region will have 5 German Police Interns visiting Florida. Most of their internships will be done at my police department (Miami Gardens) and will be coordinated by me.  I also want to thank those that have volunteered with lodging for them.   And of course I will contact those that have volunteered.

The USA national conference (NDC) will be a joint conference with Canada this year as it is every 5 years and this year will be in May 2016 in Canada. Kindly check this newsletter for updated information.

Tom Savoca who puts together our newsletter, and takes care of our website deserves a big thanks as well as the Secretary/Treasurer, Bob Hurley and our 1st VP, Dirk Lowry who have carried a big load in 2015.

Our next meeting is February 17, 2016 at Bru’s Room in Coconut Creek.

2nd Annual Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

January 9, 2016

Join C.O.P.S. as we show our Law Enforcement Officers that we Appreciate them.

Show Your Support by doing any or all of the following:

  1. Fly a blue ribbon on your car antenna, mailbox, motorcycle.
  2. Shine Blue lights from your home
  3. Wear blue all day
  4. Send a card or have local schools make cards for their local police
  5. Host or attend a local rally in support of law Enforcement
  6. Share your support on Social Media
  7. Most Importantly, if you see a Police Officer,  THANK a Police Officer

One of Region 11’s members is also a C.O.P.S. Trustee:

Pete Geary Southeast Region Trustee
Pete_geary@nationalcops.org for additional information and/or how to volunteer

Don’t forget National Police Week—May 12 thru May 17, 2016 in Washington DC.



  • Governor:    Rick Scott
  • LT Governor: Carlos Lopez-Cantera
  • Attorney General:  Pam Bondi
  • Commissioner Of Agriculture:  Adam Putnam
  • Chief Financial Officer:  Jeff Atwater


Supreme Court Justices;

Jorge Labarga;    R.Fred Lewis;  Barbara Joan Pariente;  Ricky Polston;  Charles Canady;  Peggy
Quince;  and James Perry.


  • Hon. Andy Gardiner   President
  • Hon. Garrett Richter   President pro Tempore

House of Representive:

  • Hon. Steve Crisafulli:   Speaker
  • Hon. Matt Hudson    Speaker Pro Tempore

The above listing is only for Information on the Florida Government and SHOULD NOT be interpreted as anything political in nature and or used as such.

This joint AGM-NDC will be held from May 18th to 22nd 2016. It is organized by IPA Canada and Region 15, Montérégie in Longueuil, Qc. The first joint meeting was held in Windsor, Ontario Canada in 2005. Both Sections, Canada-USA, had decided to hold these meetings every 5 years. The last one was held in Seattle in 2010. The Canadian Section will host the next one in 2016 and it shall take place in the city of Longueuil, Quebec (south shore of Montreal) organized by region 15 who will celebrate its 15th anniversary on that occasion.

Here is a link to the PDF for information and registration



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